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Slow correspondence centre balance metal jig

CB. [masamune]


Slow jig


CB NAGAMASA - a jig with a long flat body and weight balance in the centre
CB Nagamasa is a jig having a long flat body, laser edge back, and weight balance in the
centre. The more you make line tension free at the time of falling, the more longer the jig slides to the horizontal direction due to the resistance of water and thanks to the long flat body and weight balance in the centre. This action is a great appeal to fish.
When jerking, it may be better to move the jig freely at slow speed without giving tension to the line, instead of using high-speed, short pitch jerk, so that the jig makes a long slide, slapping the water.
The knack for manipulating your rod is to cast it slightly and once the jig hit the bottom, make slow retrieve while flipping the tip about 30cm, thereby making a line slack intentionally and allowing a time lag for the jig to make slide action. This works especially for
Kingfish. Jerking up after slide action triggers the jig to run darting thanks to the knife-edge on the back.
When falling the jig to your desired depth, it is not recommended to make line tension free because that makes the jig more likely to be affected by the wind or tides and have more line trouble with other jigs. Instead, fall the line as you hold it slightly to give tension. This way, you will not miss a bite during the fall.
The jig is so superior in cutting the water thanks to the laser edge back design that no heaviness is felt when pulling the line.

ANGLER: Nakamura it is great the person



From above 95, 115 and 135, 155g


 (all the 13 colours, from on photograph)



All the size hook less specifications

Total length: All the size commonness 185mm



Recommendation the depth of water: Shallower than 70m