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CB Nagamasa Long Flat Body Centre -Weighted Balance Jig

CB Nagamasa is a specially designed jig with a cutting edge back. The more you make line tension free, the more water the long surface gets, causing the jig to make long slide horizontally due to its unique shape of long, flat, center-weighted balance appearances.  This sliding action has a strong appeal to fish.


As to jerk, it is recommended to move the jig freely at a slow speed during falling without line tension, rather than high speed short pitch jerk, so that the jig makes long slide, flapping. 


As to how to manipulate rod, cast it lightly and once it hit the bottom, make slow retrieve while flipping up the tip 30cm. The knack is to create line slack intentionally and give a jig time-lag to make slide action. This method is especially effective for Yellowtail.  By jerking up after slide, the jig starts to dart and run thanks to the knife edge on the back.


In case you want to fall the jig to your desired depth, do not make line tension free, or you are likely to have line trouble with other jigs, affected by wind and tidal current.  Instead, it is recommended to fall a jig by holding the line a little while giving tension, and you will not miss even an unexpected bite during falling.  


Cutting edge back design translates to excellent swimming performance in the water, so no heaviness is felt when pulling the jig.

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Color chart (all the 6 colors, from on photograph)

01. blue sardine
02. saury
03. character
04. green gold
05. gold
06. laser pink
07. full laser
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