maxel armory 35



The  ARMORY 35 Round Profile Level Wind Reel features the patented  MAXEL Integrated Lever Drag System ( KARMAN system ) , which is aimed at eliminating spool lock when a  lure gets snagged between rocks. This upgrade enables the spool shaft to connect more effectively with the drag lever. When the drag lever is in the Free position, the drag plate disengages with the spool smoothly even after a lengthy fight. This means the reel goes to zero drag without any drag force.
In addition the KARMAN System delivers more precise drag adjustment as the setting position is more accurate.
Also the feel of the movement of the drag lever is greatly improved. Anglers can feel the suction when moving the drag lever from higher to the Free position. The movement is easier and faster.

Designed with the unique concept of "LEVEL PLUS+”, the Lever Drag plus Synchronous Level Wind System.
Constructed with the heavy -duty precision gears by using the most reliable materials ,the line guides and all the internal gears working in very precise alignment, and line retrieve in even distribution across the spool width.

Featuring the new "SOUND PLUS+ “ drag system , you can feel the similar sound like spinning reel when line out. The sound is only produced when drag is set, It’s silent retrieve when line in.

Engineered with Compact & Ergonomic body for lightweight and ultra comfortable palm grip, Armory 35 Level Wind Reel is the ultimate jigging reel that can help the anglers to work the jig easily to any targeted water layer, so as to increase the fish bite.

BEARING 13 + 2 - GEAR RATIO 6.2:1
MAX DRAG (kg) 14

What is LEVEL PLUS+ ?
- Heavy-Duty Lever Dual Drag plus Level Wind System
- Synchronous level wind function
- Full set of pinion gears and main gears working precisely with line guide

What is SOUND PLUS+ ?
- Round profile overhead reel with drag sound like spinning reel
- Silent retrieve when line in, Sound retrieve when line out
- The sound is only produced when drag is set

- Precision machined, rigid, one piece tempered aluminum frame
- Super strong, cold forged aluminum shallow spool
- Precisely adjustable lever dual drag system
- Synchronous level wind system
- Sound retrieve when line out, silent retrieve when line in
- Dual clutch bearing instant anti reverse
- Powerful carbon drag delivers wide range smooth performance even when wet
- Heavy duty anodizing for corrosion protection