A fishing rod with emphasis on power, sensitivity and rig operability.

The main material is high to medium elasticity carbon, and the butt section is reinforced with 4-axis carbon. The top guide is made of a lightweight titanium frame, which further improves sensitivity.


This rod is designed for fishing from boats and fishing ports, and it pursues the long-distance casting performance unique to spinning, versatility and tenacity that can be used with any weight of rig. It is a model that is particularly compatible with swimming rigs.
It uses an irregular 2-piece structure. By positioning the joint closer to the butt, the #1 blank length is secured and the blank's smooth bending is maximized. The joint for #2 is closer to the butt, which also leads to improved butt power.
Length 7'3"(221cm)
Weight 127g
Lure ~35g Line ~2PE - ~25lb. fluoro
Power Medium
Action Heavy Fast
Grip Length 415mm
Pack Length 166.5cm (irregular 2pcs)
Blank material 30t+40t Graphite
Tip Dia 1.9mm


A rod designed for fishing from a boat or fishing port. An irregular 2-piece design. The joint is located close to the butt to ensure the #1 blank length and maximize the blank's smooth curve. #2 also improves butt power as the joint is located close to the butt.
The blank is designed to be crisp and highly sensitive, and is a torqueful model that can grasp the undulations of the bottom.
Length 7'1"(216cm)
Weight 148g
Lure ~56g Line ~4PE - ~30lb. fluoro
Power Ex. Heavy
Action Fast
Grip Length 445mm
Pack Length 160cm (irregular 2pcs)
Blank material 30t+40t Graphite
Tip Dia 2.1mm