Sinking (LLS) --- Length 48mm, weight 3.1g, available in 12 colours This is the most responsive sinking minnow among all the small–sized lipless plugs available on the market today. Its casting distance is unparalleled. Because of the fixed, low-profiled, and centre-weighted balance system, the lure swims more vividly in retrieving, falling, and twitching. So, you can make highly responsive actions as you want. In the falling after casting, it sinks horizontally with a splendid rolling despite the hook attached on the belly, thus appealing to trout with diffused reflection on the side body. In retrieve, the lure makes wobbling action. In twitching, it makes crisp dart right and left, as if a chased fish is dying.

Total length: 48mm
Weight: 3.1 g