VARIVAS Avani Big One 600M

AVANI Big One 600m

Varivas is one of the highest quality Japanese braids in the world today. Many top anglers consider this to be the most consistently smooth of all the PE braid brands and its because of this factor it's preferred by casting and jigging anglers. The Varivas Avani BIG ONE Jigging braid (8X) has proven itself to be an extremely reliable, robust jigging braid but some even use it for casting applications making it a good option when you need to cast and bottom drop off the same spool. It features 5 different colours every 10 meters, extremely thin for its PE rating, silky smooth texture, very strong. Available in lengths 300m and 600m.

Type - 8x PE
Color - 5 x 10 (5 colors at 10m interval)

Available in 600m