Measuring range 1kg ~ 15kg

How to Use Drag Checker What is drag checker?

Traditionally, we generally put a rod spring balance on the tip of the rod to setup the drag or check the rod deflection load. With this method, a second person was needed to read the scale because the position of the balance is too far from the person holding the rod. Drag setup is especially hard to calculate, and is frequently based on experience of the fisherman and his best instincts.

The drag checker has made drag measurements possible with the reel and rig set on the fishing rod close to your hands without any line modifications. The drag checker has a night line function that memorizes the measurement value, making it possible for one-man to measure tension and rod deflection load. The drag checker has full functionality to sufficiently obtain the performance of a rod, reel and line.

Drag Measurement

As you know drag prevents the fish from cutting the string. The drag checker makes the drag setup easy and quick. How to measure

1. Bridge the line from the reel as shown in the picture.
2. Pull the string slowly, straight toward the arrow.
3. Read the needle
* at the start of drag.
* Measurement is easy because the orange needle display remains even after releasing the tension.

Rod Deflection Measurement

This measurement helps you understand how much deflection the rod will have for the amount of given force. How to measure

1. Set the tackle. Then fix the tip of the line.
2. Install the anti-deflection wire on the main body.
3. Set the drag checker at this position.
4. Bend the rod to the desired deflection to measure.
5. Check the measurement value.

* Be aware that the values change depending on the angle of the rod. When you measure the drag by fixing the drag checker on the line from the rod, the measurement value will differ from the measurement in front of the reel. Be sure to make comparisons.

Other Measurements

1)Measuring the lines and line lashing

As indicated, drag checker measures the strength of the line or line lashing. Line strength of less than 5kg is the measurable range.

1. Set the line on the pulley using the same method as the drag measurement.
2. Pull the line from both directions and cut the line.
3. Read the scale at the time of cutting.

* It is important to pull the line slowly to prevent impact movement of the night line.

2)Measuring the weight of the fish

You can also weigh the fish caught with the drag checker. (500g - 5kg)

1. Without taking off the fish needle, set reader on the drag checker.
2. Dangle the fish slowly.
3. Read the scale.

The drag checker is a new type of measurement device with which fisherman can obtain the data they could not easily collect in the past. We can expect further possibilities with this device depending on the fishermanユs creativity. This device will change the way we fish....