The SW Slim Minnow "HALUCA" is a long-awaited addition to Smith's lineup. Its flight, form, swimming, strength, and ease of use appeal to the angler's sensibilities. Even the most critical field testers nodded in agreement at the high potential of the prototype model to catch fish one after another in various locations.

A long flight distance. And the fishing results that flight distance produces. The SW Slim Minnow is a confident work released by Smith, the creator of the masterpiece Sarana, and the final conclusion has come to fruition here.

LENGTH 145mm
TYPE Floating center of gravity shifting mechanism

The strongest "flying" in its class
It is a well-known fact that slim-shaped minnows have an advantage depending on the field, season, conditions, and baitfish they are linked to.

However, there is one complaint about slim minnows that lack volume. "I want to cast it farther!" The main key factors in generating flight distance are "weight," "center of gravity," and "air resistance." However, how can we increase that within the limited form of a slim minnow? In developing the Haluca, we produced several dozen samples and conducted casting tests, focusing on "stability of flight posture" as an element to further improve castability.

The Haluca 125 and 145 achieve a stable flight posture even under adverse conditions through a unique weight balance, such as a low center of gravity in the center of gravity movement mechanism, decentralization of the center of gravity movement weight (T2B/T2B2 system), and the placement of the tail weight to correct the center of gravity movement vector. We have succeeded in hitting the top class flight distance in the slim minnow category of the same class. The largest model in the series, the 165, is equipped with a full tungsten weight center of gravity shifting mechanism, and is balanced to allow long casts without losing flight posture even in bad conditions.

The action is a wobbling roll action with a high rolling ratio. It can be used for slow to high speed retrieves.

As the retrieve speed increases, the swing width increases, and the flat side of the side makes it stand out when rolling. In addition, the thin body line makes it look more natural and the silhouette smaller when swimming, so it is highly likely to hit even selective targets.

When used in saltwater, the diving range of the 125 and 145 is approximately 10 to 60 cm, and the 165 is approximately 30 to 90 cm (this may vary slightly depending on the situation and tackle used). It is a shallow runner that does not dive too deep. Use in brackish and freshwater areas depends on the specific gravity.

T2B/T2B2 Shifting Center of Gravity System (125/145)

Haluca adopted the shifting center of gravity system T2B/T2B2 system to stabilize the flying posture with a slim form. One of the concepts is to lower the center of gravity. To achieve this, the weight ball itself is made smaller in diameter and distributed into three. Specifically, two tungsten weights and one brass weight (two for 125S) are arranged. This is also the upper limit weight to give the Haruka slim body the potential as a minnow.

The arrangement of two tungsten weights at the front and a brass weight at the rear is the arrangement that has been found to provide the best flight distance in casting tests.

Tail weight (125・145) A

fixed weight is placed at the very end of the tail. This fixed weight reliably guides the center of gravity vector toward the tail when casting, stabilizing the flight posture and greatly contributing to improved castability and accuracy. It

also minimizes the loss of flight posture during miscasts, such as when the line is released incorrectly and the lure slips out.

Lip: We thoroughly pursued the size, angle, and installation position that would not hinder the casting distance. The lip, which is small, shallow, and installed in the most forward position, is the final conclusion derived from field tests. Of course, it goes without saying that the lip shape creates a sharp rolling motion. And

we must not forget about strength. If it breaks easily due to a miscast on rocky shores, it cannot be called a reliable SW minnow. Haruka's lip has the practical strength required for actual fishing.

The front eye

is split ring-less. This is to prevent the balance from becoming front-heavy due to the increased weight of the attached parts.
When using, please attach the cross lock snap directly to the eye ring.