SW Floating Minnow Panish 120F-SW

The long-selling trout minnow "Panish" has been brushed up for saltwater use.
Only Panish can achieve this, with a rolling action when simply reeling, and a flashy panicking (darting) action when jerked.
This minnow has a manual feel and can be used in a variety of situations depending on the angler's operation.
It can be used for a wide range of targets.

LENGTH 120mm
WEIGHT 20.5g
TYPE Floating center of gravity shifting mechanism

When simply reeling,

the action is a high-pitch action that mainly rolls. Even if you increase the reeling speed, the range of the action hardly increases, it just speeds up the pitch of the action, so it can be used at any retrieval speed, from slow to fast.

Panic (darting) action when jerking

In contrast to the roll action when simply reeling, adding rod action will result in a panic (darting) action that will fly left and right dramatically. Although it depends on the rod used, even a light twitch like flicking the line slug with the rod tip will cause the lure to dart and slide left and right, so it is also effective for the angler to intentionally create an irregular action at a pin spot of interest.

Diving range is about 100cm.

The diving range is set to about 100cm in seawater (may vary slightly depending on the situation and tackle used). The 100cm range is an exquisite range in that if it goes any deeper it will be difficult to use in surf or rivers, but if it goes any deeper it will be difficult to use on high-footing rocks or cliffs. This range setting was chosen with the aim of providing an all-round feel in the saltwater lure scene.