SMITH Cherry Blood 70mm deep minnow which can be cast straight on a target point without stress and greatly improving not only the far-casting performance but also the accuracy. The unique aero form design and center of gravity movement mechanism are designed to maintain the most stable condition without losing balance during flight. This aerobody has an absolute sense of stability that does not go out of balance and conveys subtle changes to the angler. It feels very light and it is easy to produce irregular action by rod work, and it moves the weight locked backward at the time of retrieval by moving it backward by jerk and momentarily loses balance, invites a reaction bite, irregular action, this weight will move forward just by applying line tension, and will shift to a stable rolling action immediately.
Type: Floating
Length: 70mm
Weight: 5.0g
Owner Hook - ST-36BC
Depth: 1 ~ 1.5m